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Filing for divorce is often quite stressful. The emotional roller-coaster can be stressful and difficult to understand. If you are in need of an experienced and compassionate divorce lawyer in central Iowa, call on Patrick L. Wilson. Your Des Moines area divorce lawyer Patrick L. Wilson can assist you.

Patrick L. Wilson has over 30 years of experience handling divorce matters, He will provide you with a free, confidential consultation. Call 515-216-4420. All calls are answered by attorney Patrick L. Wilson.


$500 plus costs for a non-contested, no children and no real estate divorce. Filing fee is $185. At the end of the case, you must pay $50 to the clerk for the decree. Total costs will be approximately $235.

Iowa Divorce Rules

90 Days

There is a 90 day waiting period. The 90 day period starts the day your spouse is served with the papers. It is possible to seek a waiver of the 90 day waiting period but you must have a very good reason to ask the court to waive this time period.If you and your spouse have a dispute over anything, it could take much longer than 90 days to get the divorce.

No Fault

Iowa is a no-fault State This means you need not have a reason to get divorced. Your spouse cannot stop you from getting a divorce. By their actions they may cause a delay but eventually, you will be able to secure a divorce.

Iowa Resident

If your spouse is not a resident of Iowa, you must have lived here for the past year. If you are concerned about your residence status, call Des Moines attorney Patrick Wilson to discuss the options. Status is often mis-understood.


No attorney can represent both you and your spouse. The rules of professional conduct require that a lawyer meet with and discuss the case with one of the parties, not both. If you or your partner have discussed having one lawyer represent you both, this is not ethical and the entry of a decree under such conditions will be subject to being set aside. If you are in agreement with your spouse to resolve all issues, your spouse would not need to hire an attorney. However, the decision on whether to hire an attorney or not rests with your spouse. Counsel is not allowed to meet with or speak to your spouse nor will he give your spouse advice.

Everything Agreed

If everything can be agreed upon, neither party will have to go to court to finalize the divorce. The papers can be prepared, signed and submitted to the court by counsel.

Attorney Fees

These are paid by the client. If your spouse intends to help pay the legal bill, he or she would need to give the money to the client. The client would then pay counsel.

Child Support

Child support in Iowa is calculated using Guidelines adopted by the Iowa Supreme Court.

Fees and Expenses

Uncontested, no children or real property involved. Fees paid in advance $750 plus court costs of approximately $250.
If you have children and/or property, fees will be quoted in advance. Call 515-216-4420

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